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World Disability Day on 3rd December

Shishu Sarothi, with the support of S C Johnson and in association with Metropolis Asia, celebrated World Disability Day on 3rd December.

The programme was inaugurated by the Deputy Commisioner of Kamrup (Metro), Dr. Madhaiyaan Angamuthu. Dr Angamuthu talked about how inclusion of people with disability in all the sectors is an important goal for everyone to fulfill and how working towards it in any way possible is absolutely significant. He also stressed about how Shishu Sarothi is working tirelessly to make the life of people with disability a little better.

A student of Shishu Sarothi performing.

Parents of the students participating in the games organized by Shishu Sarothi.

The DC of Kamrup (metro) with a child from Shishu Sarothi.