Disability Law Unit
North East (DLU-NE)

The DLU-NE advocates for the rights of person with disabilities through advocacy and activism. It offers help in litigation, conducts sensitisation programs for all tiers of the public and advocates of policy changes so as to protect the rights of persons with disabilities enshrined in various laws of the land and ensures their assimilation in mainstream society.

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Approximately 8,200 persons were reached through various programs including, inter alia:

• Regional Symposium on "Disability Scenario in North East: Status, Challenges & Prospects" in June, 2012

• Regional Level Constitutive Meeting for Disability Network for North East India - attended by 70 NGOs from across the region in August, 2014

• A series of six State Consultations on the Working Draft of the Persons with Disabilities Bill for Assam and Arunachal Pradesh (jointly) , Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and Nagaland in March, 2011 Community Workshops

• Disability Equity Trainings for government officials at district level

• Sensitization programs for corporate, media, judiciary, health officials, teachers / Principals / School Management Committee representative etc.

• Capacity Building for members of Disabled Peoples Organization (DPOs), Panchayati Raj Institute representatives and Para Legal Volunteers. Other than the aforesaid training / awareness / workshops, of notable mentions are:

• 50 + litigations filed in courts of law (including Public Interest Litigations)

• 35 + cases disposed with favourable directions for restoring rights of persons with disabilities.

• Active advocacy that resulted in over 8 public buildings being made accessible including Offices of the Deputy Commissioners, Kamrup (Metro) and Baksa.

• Awareness training on Disability Question (Question No. 9 of the Population Census Questionnaire, 2011) conducted for 7,740 enumerators across 24 blocks of 15 districts of the state of Assam in January - February, 2011.

Over 17,000 stakeholders reached through awareness / trainings / workshops, Census enumerators training, litigations and legal aid and as information bank on disability issues, facilities, services and rights.

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