The Early Intervention Unit (EIU)
The Early Intervention Unit offers services for early detection, screening and management of high risk babies and infants. The children are assessed for delays in different developmental aspects such as motor, language, cognitive, self-help and social skills. Play way methods are used to stimulate the developmental functioning of the children. A home based program is also prepared and explained to parents, and followed up regularly.

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• A total of 2616 very young children were attended to between 2005 and 2015 at our Unit in Guwahati. Additional 1602 children were attended to through our Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and outreach programs in other districts of Nagaon, Darrang, Kamrup (Rural), Goalpara and Baksa.

• A total of 38080 sessions were conducted over the last decade offering therapeutic services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, sensory stimulation, positioning, feeding, parental counselling, play therapy

• 1800 very young children in the 0-6 years age group received Early Intervention services

• 663 high risk babies under 1 year of age received intervention inputs, where few of the children were as old as 6 days old.

• 2013 children with delayed developmental milestones learnt to walk as a result of our inputs.

• 1003 of the children availing the EIU services are now attending Anganwadi, Playschools and going to Sarba Siksha Abhijan (SSA) run and regular schools.
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